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Advanced RC Flight Simulator for RC planes, helicopters and cars


  • Top quality Free RC flight simulator
  • Designed for all levels - from beginner to expert
  • Hundreds of models to choose
  • Proven flight model, realistic crashes
  • Works with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP, 32 and 64 bit
  • Works with keyboard, Windows Game Pad
  • Works with E-Sky and Dynam type USB controllers
  • Works with your RC Transmitter with proper USB cable.


  • Test fly your model before your first flight.
  • Test fly models you intent to purchase.
  • Test fly exotic and high performance models.
  • Fly and enjoy scale models.
  • Fly RC models when the weather is bad
  • Build hand to eye coordination
  • Try new maneuvers and models
  • Save money and time by not crashing your real models

FREE: ClearViewSE is free. From here, you only purchase the models you want

Download ClearView SE
  • The program is FREE and includes everything you need to start!
  • Purchase any model from here and fly it in minutes!
  • Rain or wind outside, start flying right now! !

PAID: ClearView is $39.95. The program inlcudes over 100 models and 17 landscapes

Download ClearView
  • The program is $39.95 and includes everything you need.
  • Comes with tons of stock models, can download 100's more free on the Internet
  • Rain or wind outside, start flying right now! !

ClearView SE (Select) is based on ClearView RC Flight Simulator and uses the same flight simulation engine. The models for both simulators, while flying exactly the same, use different file format and are not interchangeable. ClearView SE provides low cost entry. You can start flying your first model for only $3.99 using the well known ClearView flight engine. You can purchase models for ClearView SE from this web site, with prices as low as $2 per model when 5 or more purchased.

ClearView RC Flight Simulator is our flagship product. The program is not free and cost $39.95, but all models and landscapes(more than 100) are free and included in the stock program. It also provides extra functions such as Auto Pilot Training mode, ability to use user created models from the Internet, etc. If you are to stay in this hobby, ClearView will be more economical to own in long term than ClearView SE. On the other hand, ClearView SE allows you to have RC simulator for free and just pay for models you use which is good to get you started for low initial cost.

Mobile News: We have the best RC simulators for mobile phones and tablets:

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Absolute RC Heli Sim (Free)
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Get Helicopters Get Planes Get Cars Get Planes

Get Helicopters Get Planes Get Cars Get Planes

Get Helicopters Get Planes Get Cars Get Planes

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