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Supported Controllers:

For best results, we recommend this USB controller that works well with ClearView in Windows 7, Vista and XP (32 and 64 bit):

You can get one from here or here . You can get a similar GWS controller from here. If you want to use your real radio transmitter you will need a special USB cable. Here are few choices:
- 4 channel USB cable for about $8 from here
- 6 channel USB cable from here or here.

Note: All Spectrum transmitters use JR USB cables.

For more details, please read the controllers section in the ClearView manual  here

Finally, you can use the keyboard or a Windows gamepad from your local computer store:

Here is how the Saitek controls should be assigned in Setup screen:

To verify that your controller or USB cable is recognized by Windows, select "start", then "control panel", and then "game controllers". If your controller shows there, it can be used with ClearView.  

Note: The infrared receiver for remote control on computers with Windows media center can interfere and prevent ClearView from recognising the USB cable. In this case, disconnect the infrared remote control receiver before starting ClearView.  
ClearView also support older PIC serial interface cables. The PIC Serial cables do not show on this window. For the serial cable, you must start ClearView and go to the Controllers screen, where you will find the cable listed on one of the com ports. Make sure you have the cable plugged in and Tx is On before starting the simulator.

You will get the best results using your own RC radio transmitter to control the simulator. As we allready mentioned, USB and Pic Serial cables can be used with equally good results.

Picture of Milehighwings adapter

If you computer has a serial port, any PIC serial cable works well with ClearView. Here is example setup for a serial cable connection:

Some radios are only four channels. You still can use them by assigning keyboard keys to Idle-Up and Throttle Hold as shown in this sample setup screen:

If you have questions about what cable to use, please e-mail and we will help.

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